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National Treasure

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Welcome to Tribe—
The new gateway to the creative world of Highly Sensitive People!

tribe_cover_winterThe new print issue of Tribe magazine is now available for purchase online! In this issue:
• Best-selling author and groundbreaking HSP research Dr. Elaine Aron speaks frankly about being HSP.
• Sarah Nash shares her life as an empath and spiritual life coach in her new Tribe column and forum, The Cosmic Hooker.
• The origins of the enlightening and empowering HSP Gatherings are explained by Jacquelyn Strickland.
• Yellowstone’s winterland of fire and ice is explored as a National Treasure.
• The latest ImagiNation Photo Challenge winners are highlighted…and more!
Click on the magazine cover at left to preview Tribe and purchase the print version. To purchase the PDF, click here. Enjoy!

Tribe is a community – online, in print, and at live events – serving an audience of Highly Sensitive People (HSPs) and other creative thinkers. This website provides the opportunity to interact with like-minded people, showcase skills, and share experiences.

There are basically two parts to the site: highlights from the magazine and the actual forums. The site is laid out to reflect the magazine. You can go to any of the sections by clicking on the links at the top of the page.

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Tribe can’t exist without you. Your stories, ideas, and creative contributions are what make up each issue of the magazine. The forums need your active participation. Tribe is all about the conversation—
your passion is our purpose!

Each section of Tribe magazine has its own forum where you can share your ideas and start a conversation.
Tribe community members can vote for their favorites in each section. The topics that generate the most discussion and favorites, as chosen by the community, are published in Tribe magazine.

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• Learn about HSP Gatherings: Where they are; Who should attend; What they cost
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• Keep up with the latest from HSP thought leaders like Elaine Aron, Jacquelyn Strickland, and Ted Zeff
• Gain insight and inspiration from our experts
• Rejuvenate your spirit

tribe_smcoverTribe magazine is created by HSPs.

The Tribe community celebrates the boundless creative potential of people and our planet. Our purpose is to explore and even awaken your passions by showcasing the skills and talents of our members in Tribe magazine. While remaining upbeat, a certain gravitas is essential to the sharing of these personal stories.

As a member of the Tribe community, you can share your stories through creative writing, insightful art, music, or photography. Whether your concern is global warming, political reform, making music, or baking a cake, Tribe wants you to speak out on anything and everything that affects your life.

Tribe reflects the many and varied tastes of all our members. We encourage a grass-roots community that is accessible to all.

The Tribe community draws on the world’s ancient wisdoms, exploring, debating, and wondering at the different and insightful observations of our ancestors. And through our collective knowledge, Tribe presents new and sustainable options for our own future and that of the planet’s.

We welcome each and every one of you to our community.

Our dream is to help you fulfill your dreams.

Tribe‘s next ImagiNation Photo Challenge Themes:
Love, Balance, and Water
Click Here to Enter!
Entry Deadline: December 15, 2011

Tribe welcomes psychic and spiritual life coach Sarah Nash to our community with her column, The Cosmic Hooker, and with her section on Tribe’s forum. As a clairvoyant and empath with more than twenty years of experience, Sarah is known for her readings of compassion and profound perception. This first and expanded column in our forthcoming issue is her introduction. Read about Sarah here The Cosmic Hooker If you have a question for Sarah visit our forums now!

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